Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Had a meeting with the big guy of the firm today. It lasted 35 mins, much more than I expected. I had gone yesterday and bought a blazer for the meeting. That got me down a $450 bucks for a 30 minute meeting. I think I will return it. Big guy is really sharp and scary to an extent. He is the one who built the firm into what it is today. He gets to work before 7.30 a.m. After much trying, the earliest I have made it is 8.30 a.m. Well, the traffic has a role to play in my case. Big guy stays in a multi-acre mansion around 15 mins away. Have a couple of more meetings lined up over the next two weeks with some of the other big guys in the firm.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Just got back from a conference and mini-vacation in Toronto. I really liked the city. There is not much that differentiates Toronto from a larger American city, atleast on the surface. The Canadians seem to be a lot more liberal and open-minded though. An amazing fact is that the Canadian population is just around 32 million, which is vastly disproportional to its status as the second largest country (in terms of area) in the world. Theater is quite well developed in the city and we got a chance to catch Mama Mia, which is based on songs of Abba. It was a good break since I had been going at this internship quite intensely and continuously for the last two months. I have a month and 5 days to go and I am rejuvenated to start enjoying it again.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Back online!! I am currently right in the middle of my summer internship and have some down time to start thinking about my blog again. The summer placements for Wharton have been 100%, as far as I know atleast. I would say that around 250 of us are in NY, which is not surprising given the proximity of Wharton to the city and the strong IB crowd that the school attracts. I am personally based out of Stamford, CT and working in Greenwich. Stamford is definitely not money in terms of activities, but the city is a 45 minute train ride away. The place is definitely money otherwise with average house prices hovering around $1.6 million. I am paying $1600 for a single bedroom, which rivals the prices in the bay area. And before Wharton, I had not even heard of Stamford. I always used to think people are misspelling Stanford.
Summer is going good so far. There are downsides, but as long as the positives outnumer the negatives, I am not complaining . I am happy to be online again. I don't know why I stopped writing. It took me around 3 mins to type this thing, so its definitely not time. Maybe I was just bored. But many things have changed over the last months and a new school year is about to unfold. So there will certainly be a lot to write about.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Good beginning to the resolution - I went to the gym today, Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today Siegel's lecture was about Japan, explaining to us articles/commentary from The Economist. So my advice holds. Start reading it.

There is this new phrase that is picking up on campus. Apparently, the in thing to say when you are impressed by something is, "This/that is money!". I was caught on the wrong side of it a couple of days back. This guy heard about my internship offer and congratulated me saying, "This is money". I of course thought that maybe he was referring to salary and replied saying that my summer salary was not that high. Well, well, so be it. I have now heard that phrase so many times that it is apt to say, "This phrase is money!". If you read this, you know now how important a role money plays in the life of MBA's.

Things are also picking up on this club for which we won the elections. We have planned a numbers of new activities for the club and my email activitiy and meeting time has increased so much more. Actually I have been on my laptop since the last 3 hours just going over emails, sending new ones and updating my pda.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Its been 4 months since I have been to the gym on a regular basis. I do show my face their occasionally, but tomorrow is the big day - it is a resolution I have made that starting tomorrow I am going to go the gym atleast thrice a week. Wish me luck!

I did start playing squash regularly (twice a week), need to squeeze it in once on a weekday. My game seems to have improved quite a bit. There are some really good players in Wharton and am hoping that with a little bit of practice and regularity, my game can move up a notch. Need to order another racquet too. I also finally got a bandana, which in additon to fulfill its sporting purpose makes you feel a lot more pro, and may even play a role in improving the game based on the principle of expectation.

Befoe sleep advice: Subscribe to the Economist if you don't already. There is no better journal/magazine around that gives such impartial consideration to global topics as the Economist. Siegel quotes from it quite a lot and I did read a number of articles from it over this weekend.

Saturday, March 27, 2004

We go live again!

Its almost end of March, and we are a month and half away from the end of 2nd year. The buzz on campus is about who is going where for internship. At this point I would expect around 70% of the class to have finalized their summer jobs. Yours truly is happy with what he is going to be doing in summer. Actually there are only two things that excite me right now at Wharton - first is Siegel's class and the second is the internship.

The figures this year are a little better than last. Seniors told us that only 60% had summer jobs at the end of April last year. Well, the full time scene is a lot better. For example, McKinsey alone has made around 80 offers full time. That being said, we did have to pay our dues before we finalized our summers. Some of the '05 class is still not over it and I am sure they are probably wanting to get out of it asap. Last 2 months have been amongst the most important learning experiences in my life. There is nothing that can prepare you for it. People can tell you that interviewing gets hectic, but you have to go through it to know what it is like. For example, I personally interviewed with 19 different companies till I accepted an offer that I liked. Some of these interviews were brutal. I interviewed at around 3 in the afternoon and by 7 I was listening to the recruiter explaining to me why I was dinged. Its all behind me till fall atleast, when the fulltime search begins.

On a different note, don't watch the movie 'Starsky and Hutch'. Its a stupid remake of a tv series or an older movie and definitely not worth the dollars and your time. I just watched it at the Bridge (a Upenn cinema) because I was outvoted to watch this movie over 'Secret Window'.

Sleep calls...

Saturday, November 22, 2003

One thing that I am beginning to appreciate is the power of networking. From getting into Wharton to getting out of Wharton, networking is a very powerful lever. Of course you can do without it, but things would be a lot tougher. The only thing worth mentioning that I got out of my leadership class last quarter is understanding the power of a network and how to go about building a strong one. The thumb rule is, if you are feeling nice and comfortable talking in a group, walk away and talk to others. You should be the one feeling most uncomfortable when standing in a group. This thumb rule really works. The fact is that most people are generally in the same boat as you and looking for an opening to make an introduction. In the end just remember that you are out to make genuine friends and contacts, not just ehancing your collection of visiting cards. Before Wharton I would have been the last person to write the above, but am learning.

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